Rent a Manager for large international (Software) Projects. Independent, Costumer friendly, flexible, will move to the origin of the Projects and steer sucessfull multicultural Teams. Experienced in crisis Projects. For further Information send me an Email - I´ll call you back.


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Our duty:

Change Management, Transformation Management

Complex Infrastructure and IT-Management

Crisis Management, Interimsmanagement

Mergers and Aquisitions 

Outsourcing, Rollout, Operations, Shared Services, Help Desk Implementation

Service Level Agreements 

Top Management Consulting

Social Media, Web 2.0

Technology Areas:

Telematics, Airports, EBusiness, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms


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Transformation and Changemanagent,
Outsourcing, Outcarving
Intelligent Traffic - Telematics
(Road, Air, Train)
Financial Services
Bank & Insurcances

Project history:

2009 - 2010 Chinese Highways


Consulting of Chinese Highway Companies regarding Telematics in Hubei, Zhejiang and Shanxi, Technologytransfer, Setup of Joint ventures
2008 - 2009 Siemens CIO

Carveoutmanager for separating SEN from SIEMENS in Central Eastern Europe.Approx 2000 Employess.5 Mio Euro Budget.
2007 - 2007 Shared Services

Shared Services - Transformation and Change Management - Worldwide Rollout of new standardized SLA´s and IT-Processies. Global Production center for It-Services. Cost cutting about 30 %.
2006 - 2006 Project Design und Management Tool

Design und Consulting for a new Design-Tool for Projects for all SIS - employees. Design of Business Processies. Implementation is done by Eclipse.
2006 - 2006 Provincial Electricity Authority Thailand

Project-Management for Integration of existing Software Applications based on TIBCO. stearing and controlling of subcontracting companies and face to the customer.
2005 - 2005 Global Sourcing for Banking Applications

Global Sourcing for Banking Applications

2005 - 2005 Hydro One Proposal Management



Proposal Manager for the Hydro One Smart Metering Project in Toronto / Canada. Replacing 1.200.000 meters in Ontario Canada by Smart meters. Rollout of new Network. Rural Broadband Service.
2005 - 2005 Data Warehouse offshoring project consulting


Data Warehousing and Business Planning / Controlling. Implementation with offshoring companies in India.   
2004 - 2004 ASPECT - Siemens Cooperation


Projectmanager for the Consortium SiemensAspect. Creating new product line for Aspect Call Cencter - solution and Siemens Hipath - Switches.     
2003 - 2004 ASFINAG - VMIZ (Traffic control system for Austrian Highways)

Österreichische Strassenfinazierungs AG
Heusch Boesefeld

Projectmanager for the Consortium SiemensHeusch – Boesefeldt. Building of a traffic control system for the Austrian Highways owner (ASFINAG). Projectvolume 8 Mio Euro. Total Volume inkl. On site Hardware and buildings 200 Mio Euro.           
2000 - 2003 Siemens Center of E-Excellence (CIO) Consulting / Projectmanagement

Commerce One

Proposal of the Basics regarding E-Business for the Siemens AG worldwide, Presentation to the Executive Board of Siemens. Design and organization planning for a PMO / TMO (Projectmanagement Office / Transformation Management Office). Setup of a backoffice to manage Lead Projects (about 40) and Ebusiness Projects (250) worldwide. Responsible Projectmanager for Joining different teams for SLA and Marketplaces

2000 - 2000 Deutsche Bank / Dresdner Bank Consulting

Deutsche Bank
Dresdner Bank

Preparing a business modell for outsourcing the self- service areas (ATM´s, printers,..)  of Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank to an Outsourcing - project and later creating an own spin off company.
1999 - 2000 Siemens ICN Productmanager


At Siemens ICN for a Telecommunicationsproduct for 64 countries. Marketing, Processdesign for Rollout, Training, Migration
1999 - 1999 Program Manager of the DCD - Project to migrate ATM machine network for the 3 German Banks

Deutsche Bank
Dresdner Bank

The focus of the  Project DCD of three largest German Banks (Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank) was to migrate ATM - cashmachines- Budget 1.3 Billion DM, 12 Partprojects
1998 - 1999 Program Manager for WestLB - Corporate Network

West LB

for the Project Corporate Network for WestLB, the largest Landesbank in Duesseldorf Projectsize 170 Projectmembers, 17 Partprojects Projectlanguage english. Consortium EDS-SIEMENS (Windows NT, Lotus Notes, Frame Relais Network)
1997 -1998 Project Manager for Siemens PN Logistics


Logistics for PN at Siemens Munich. Worldwide Logisticservice to Siemens Telecommunication-Products
1996 - 1997 BNFL Program Manager for the Sellafield Nuclear Mox Plant

Britsh Nuclear Fuel Limited

At BNFL for the Sellafield MOX- Plant for KWU Karlsruhe and Siemens Manchester. About 30 Projectmembers. Projectlanguage english.
1995 - 1996 AAHKG Leader of the Test Team

Hong Kong Airport

Baggage Handling of the Check Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong 
1994 - 1995 Consulting and Project Management at Mannheimer,  Badische Beamtenversicherung 

Badische VersicherungMannheimer Versicherung

For Mannheimer Versicherung and Badische Beamtenversicherung - Implementation of Standard, Software at insurances (Mannheim and Karlsruhe)
1994 APA Consulting

Austria Presseagentur

Austrian Press Agency, Press data collection
1994 German Telekom - Projectmanagement for a client -server Project

Deutsche Telekom

for German Telekom at Bochum
1991 -1992 Allianz Insurance - Performance Tuning Task Force


Performance Tuning for the global Insurance Allianz
1990 Lufthansa - Consulting

Lufthansa Airline

for German Airline for a new Payment and travel-service with Smartcards.
1988 - 1993 KWU - Consultig and Projectmanagement


at KWU (now Siemens PG) for a large CIM-Project in NRW with main focus CAE, CAP, PPS, CAQ for Siemens PG.
1987 German Telekom - Methology Consulting

Deutsche Telekom

for German Telekom at Darmstadt / Dortmund
1985 - 1986  Software AG - technical Manager for Startup local Branch in Austria

Software AG

 for Software AG Building technical support. 
1984 Siemens PSE Projectmanager

Siemens PSE

for Siemens PSE Management of development of telecommunications Software
1983 Deutsche Bank - Consulting

Deutsche Bank

for Deutsche Bank heterogen networks, Configuration Management, EDP - Automatisation/Networkmanagement, Softwaredistribution and Archiving
1981 - 1982 Consulting for Distributed Dataprocessing


Helaba, Mainzer Tagblatt, egypt Government
1976 -.1981 Projectmanager for System Software (Operating Systems)

Siemens PSE

for Siemens PSE development for Mainframes, Operatings Systems, TP-Monitors, Databases
1972 - 1976 Siemens - Software Developper

Siemens PSE

for Siemens PSE wire wrap technology optimazion of production systems

ITIL, EDS, Siemens, Software AG, SAP, ITIL, Project Management, Projektleiter, Consulting, Mannheimer Versicherung, Insurance, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Postbank, Mercedes, Chrysler, Chestra, sem, V-Modell

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