Rent a Manager for large international (Software) Projects. Independent, Costumer friendly, flexible, will move to the origin of the Projects and steer sucessfull multicultural Teams. Experienced in crisis Projects. For further Information send me an Email - I´ll call you back.


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ITS - Intelligent traffic Systems

We help you to improve your traffic effinciency in different plattforms for example Airports and Road Traffic - we show you some sample projects:
Check Lap Kok - Hong Hong Airport Baggage Handling
1997 Hong Kong was given back from Uk to China and 1998 the New Hong Kong Airport Check Lap Kok replaced the old Kai Tak Airport. The Baggage Handling System was done by Siemens , Van der Lande and Crisplant. Main focus was high 7/24 availiability and also checkin of luggage one day before.
Check Lap Kok Kong Kong Airport Check Lap Kok Kong Kong Airport

ASFINAG - Setup new VMIZ
2005 ASFINAG, the owner of the Austrian Highway System installed a new VMIZ (Verkehrsmanagamentzentrale - Trafficcontrolcenter as its headquarter in Vienna / Austria)
The consortium work was done by SIEMENS, Heusch - Boesefeld and PLOT for IT and PKE (Philips) for the Cameras. You can see a short powerpoint presentation here. Focus was to increase performance and reduce accidents on the Highways.
VMIZ - Control center for Austrian Highways Austrian Highway Network

Consulting for Chinese Highways
In 2009 we setup our office in shanghai and get a consulting partner for Chinese Design Institutes in Hubei, Zehjiang and Shanxi. China has a high increasing amount of registrations of new cars - 1.400.000 for example in November 2009. Also the Highway Network is expanding very fast to its double size in the higher developed provinces. So there is need to include Telematic strategy in the Infrastructure plans in China.
Hangzhuo Traffic Management Control Center PRC Highway Network

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